600 Parts, Form, and Content of Application

Filing non-provisional application automatically corrects errors

The previous rules provided an alternative method for correcting errors in provisional applications. Specifically, in § 201.03 section VI the 8th edition (Rev. 9 2012) the MPEP instructed that filing a non-provisional application with inventor overlap would correct any errors as to inventorship in a provisional application. This language, however, is absent in the present edition even though it is based on the same law ...more »

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200 Types, Cross-Noting, and Status of Application

Correct reference in MPEP 201.07

At the end of the first paragraph of MPEP § 201.07, it says "For more information on claiming the benefit of a prior nonprovisional application, see MPEP § 201.11." There is no MPEP § 201.11 This reference likely should be to MPEP § 211.01(b), which discusses claiming the benefit of a nonprovisional application.

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