700 Examination of Applications

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700 Examination of Applications

706.07(h) references 37 CFR 1.304, omits 1214.07

In 706.07(h), XI.A. (p. 700-135, Nov. 2015):
- The text references 37 CFR 1.304 (left column, bottom). However, the AIA removed and reserved that section (https://www.uspto.gov/web/offices/pac/mpep/mpep-9020-appx-r.html#d0e326176). Would you please correct the reference?

- The text does not reference MPEP 1214.07, although 1214.07 does reference 706.07(h), XI. See p. 1200-60 (Nov. 2015). Would you please add the... more »


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