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600 Parts, Form, and Content of Application

Filing non-provisional application automatically corrects errors

The previous rules provided an alternative method for correcting errors in provisional applications. Specifically, in § 201.03 section VI the 8th edition (Rev. 9 2012) the MPEP instructed that filing a non-provisional application with inventor overlap would correct any errors as to inventorship in a provisional application. This language, however, is absent in the present edition even though it is based on the same law... more »


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200 Types, Cross-Noting, and Status of Application

Correct reference in MPEP 201.07

At the end of the first paragraph of MPEP § 201.07, it says "For more information on claiming the benefit of a prior nonprovisional application, see MPEP § 201.11." There is no MPEP § 201.11 This reference likely should be to MPEP § 211.01(b), which discusses claiming the benefit of a nonprovisional application.


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600 Parts, Form, and Content of Application

601.05(a), II: Don't need strikeout when first adding Applicant

601.05(a), II (Jan. 2018) at 600-50--51 says that:

A corrected ADS accompanying a request to change the applicant ... must show the changes in applicant information relative to the applicant information on the most recent filing receipt, even if ... an applicant was not previously identified in an ADS ...

However, I don't believe that matches the Office's current practice. Specifically, if no Applicant has been specified,... more »


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