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700 Examination of Applications

706.07(h) references 37 CFR 1.304, omits 1214.07

In 706.07(h), XI.A. (p. 700-135, Nov. 2015):
- The text references 37 CFR 1.304 (left column, bottom). However, the AIA removed and reserved that section ( Would you please correct the reference?

- The text does not reference MPEP 1214.07, although 1214.07 does reference 706.07(h), XI. See p. 1200-60 (Nov. 2015). Would you please add the... more »


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1200 Appeal

MPEP 1204.04 should better define Record On Appeal

MPEP 1204.04 points out that other than dictionary definitions, the Record of evidence upon which an appeal brief can rely includes only "the items listed in the content listing of the Image File Wrapper of the official file of the application ..., excluding amendments, Evidence, and other documents that were not entered."

This definition is unclear because the IFW does not state which documents have been "entered".... more »


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