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Revision number should reflect latest update

R-07.2015 has a 10/2015 publication and an 11/2015 publication. The two publications differ in substance, not merely in form. For ease and clarity of citation, I suggest the revision number match the publication date in the future. Alternatively, I suggest the MPEP be referred to primarily by a publication date (e.g., "E9 P-11.2015") rather than a revision number.


I understand that presently the "R" number is the latest effective date of law reflected in the MPEP. The 11/2015 publication is still considered R-07.2015 since no changes are included that became effective after July 2015. However, I am concerned that someone reading a response or brief I write will note only the revision number and refer to the wrong MPEP publication, creating needless confusion.


Moreover, the MPEP ZIP files are named by R number. As a result, it would be easy to unintentionally confuse the two publications going only by filename.


Question for the Office --- how are the two publications distinguished from each other or referred to on your hard drives? Could the public use the same scheme?


Thanks to all in advance for your consideration and feedback. All opinions are my own and not necessarily those of any other party.



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