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Request: PDX index of the Jan. 2018 publication

Thanks very much for the 01-2018 publication! I am looking forward to enjoying the changes as I work with it. Would you be willing to provide a PDX index file to the downloadable PDF version, or point me to where it is? I can't find it on the MPEP page or in e9r-08-2017.zip. The 11-2015 publication included the "E9R-07.2015.pdx" index file, and I have made good use of that over the last two years. (The 11-2015 publication also included the log file showing that the index was run on 11/4/2015 at 3:54 PM. 🙂 )


As always, thank you for considering this request. Here's to more good years on this site as we work with the new version!


**Edit** I can certainly use the index at mpep.uspto.gov to get a similar effect while online. However, I work offline a fair amount of the time, and the PDX index is very useful to me when I am not connected.



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