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1504.05: Add section for how to respond to a restriction

This is a followup to https://uspto-mpep.ideascale.com/a/dtd/Correction-of-Inventorship/549565-9426 by @zmthomas. I admit that I don't have nearly as much design-patent experience as some of my colleagues. Please let me know if I am missing something!


I have searched sections 700, 800, and 1500 (Jan. 2018). The only places I can find an explanation of how to respond to a restriction requirement in a design application are in the form paragraphs: 15.27 and 15.27.01 (at 1500-55), 15.29 (at 58), 15.27.08 (at 60), and 15.35 (at 62). For the benefit of pro se applicants and of practitioners just beginning to work on design applications, I request/propose:


- Add new 1504.05(a)-Responding to a Restriction Requirement

- Add 1504.05(a), I consolidating the response instructions from the form paragraphs

- Move 1504.05, III to 1504.05(a), II


Thanks for considering this request! All opinions are my own and not necessarily those of any other party.



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